Low-carb dieters will have their lunchtime options extended with the launch of a range of low-carb sandwiches.
Carbolite Europe has teamed up with Hazlewood Sandwiches to develop a range of four low-carb bloomers.
The sandwiches will come with egg mayonnaise & rocket,
chicken & herb salad, smoked ham & cheddar and prawn mayonnaise fillings.
Each sandwich contains less than 10g net effective carbohydrate (NEC) whereas the average sandwich contains about 40g NEC, says the company.
The sandwiches, which will be available from September, are
made from a low-carb seeded bloomer loaf, which contains 13g NEC per 100g compared with 45g NEC per 100g for regular white bread.
Hazlewood Sandwiches MD, Mike Upton, said: “As we have watched the low-carb phenomenon take hold in the United States, so too have we witnessed the impact that it has had on traditional high-carb categories.
“The bread industry is one frequently cited as suffering because consumers are turning to low-carb alternatives.”
The sandwich packs will retail at £2.59-£2.69 each and are in the process of being introduced to the trade.
Carbolite is also about to launch its breakfast bars in a single format to encourage impulse purchase.
They are already available in a box of five.
Sean McAllister