RedOrange has teamed up with environmental groups, local food groups and politicians to spearhead a local sourcing campaign in its Norfolk heartland.
The symbol group is looking at introducing the strapline ‘Produced in Norfolk’ to the fascias of the 42 retail members it supplies. It is also working with the local council to accredit a logo for point-of-sale material to use in stores.
The project has been ordered in the wake of growing protests against the power of major grocery retailers and their harmful impact on the character of local high streets, said the group.
The campaign is funded by Local Works, one of the groups backing the Sustainable Communities Bill, which would enable smaller local businesses to have more say in community development.
“We are concerned about the economic effect
of consolidation on our retailers and suppliers,” said RedOrange director Nigel Dowdney. “And we’re looking at using Red Orange to help promote local producers.”
Dowdney runs two stores in Norwich and Stalham and said he alone uses 50 local suppliers to source products.
The retailer has forged links with Friends of The Earth, the Norwich Partnership, BizzFizz and Anglia Food Link, among others, to drive the initiative forward.