He may have been vilified by the media and even shunned by some of his upper crust mates, but there's more than a few in grocery who are regretting that Lord Archer will be banged up in a cell this coming winter. For, as anyone who has attended food and drink's endless winter social round of dinners and balls in recent years will know, the disgraced bestselling author was a dab hand when it came to charity auctioneering. Many's the time he has persuaded grocery's great and good to cough up a few thousand quid in the cause of charity. Indeed, one industry leader was heard lamenting this week that Archer was the "best auctioneer ever seen in grocery". Still at least the distinguished convict will be keeping his links with the food business. Word from inside Belmarsh Prison is that he has been given a job packing tea bags! {{COUNTERPOINT }}