The northern based daily lottery game Daily Number will be rolled out to 18,000 retailers nationwide by this time next year. Organiser Inter Lotto, which started Daily Number in March to run alongside the national lottery, says it already has 3,500 retailers in the Midlands wired up to its special terminals. It is spending over £3m in the next year on terminals and point of sale material for c-store retailers, on top of an initial £20m marketing and advertising spend. Retailers' average weekly turnover is £150 per week on the 50p game plus a commission of 6%. Players can win up to a maximum of £1,000. Marketing director Peter Dow said the nationwide roll-out would start in the next 10 weeks, with Newcastle, the Border regions and Scotland as key target areas. He has already signed up Day & Nite, Spar, Costcutter and regional chain Jacksons to sell the game in the Midlands. Inter Lotto is also thrashing out a deal with T&S Stores. Dow said northern c-stores would be a priority because advertising and marketing Daily Number was half the cost of doing so in and around London. "Our consumer research shows the game is popular in Northern regions," he added. {{NEWS }}