Inter Lotto's ticket sales have slumped in the M62 corridor where 3,500 independant retailers and c-stores carry the pilot Daily Number' game. A spokeswoman for the 50p-a-ticket Lotto said: "Sales have not delivered to target so the game is to be relaunched in the next few weeks. We are considering changing the format. The Lotto will not be rolled out nationwide until we have got the formula right." Day and Night has revealed that sales in 80 of its stores which have Lotto terminals have dropped to a weekly total of approximately £15k since the game was launched at the end of March. Jacksons which has 70 terminals did not want to give sales figures. Mike Igoe, senior trading manager at Jacksons, said: "Sales are sluggish at the moment, and Inter Lotto is revisiting its marketing strategy." {{NEWS }}