National Lottery operator Camelot has yet to kick out any underperforming retailers as the first phase of its sales improvement programme concludes. Only 14 retailers completed the 24-week programme last weekend, as Camelot's field sales executives were unable to carry out the required number of visits to 18 shortlisted retailers in week one. The 14 will be told in face to face meetings if they can keep their terminals over the next couple of weeks. They will then have a right of appeal to Camelot if there are mitigating circumstances. When the sales improvement programme is fully up to speed, Camelot plans to take away terminals from as many as 35 retailers a week who fail to meet targets. The targets were set at £1,500 a week in quarter one and two of 2002, and £1,400 this quarter in light of an overall dip in lottery ticket sales. Lottery ticket sales are still lower than before May's high profile relaunch of the national lottery as Lotto. They were £40.3m last Saturday, but ticket sales were £44.3m on May 11, the week before the relaunch. However sales of the new Hotpicks tickets were £4.04m, up from £3.7m the Saturday before. {{NEWS }}