Industry experts warned this week that there were signs that the low-carb diet craze is on its way out.
Executive editor of the US-based new product monitor Productscan Online, Tom Vierhile, said that there was plenty of evidence showing that the low-carb market in the US was slowing.
“Low-carb got too hot, too fast with the public and is now yesterday’s news,” said Vierhile.
“Given how quickly the low-carb trend has risen, I expect a sharp drop in product launches
and buzz over the next year.” Although low-carb sales in 2004 are set to be a record high, Productscan said sales of low-carb products grew just 20% for the 13-week period to July, compared to 122% growth in the previous 13-week period and that low-carb product launches in the US slipped from 622 in June to 209 in August.
Editorial director for global new product database at Mintel, David Jago, also believes the low-carb trend has a limited life in the UK. “I don’t think the low-carb craze will be here in a year. It seems to have reached a peak in the US. There’s been negative press and it doesn’t fit in with many people’s health plan.”
However, 95% of European and US food and drink companies involved in a Reuters Business Insight survey say the impact of low-carb products cannot be ignored.
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