Retailers will have the opportunity to sign up to a reward card utilising the loyalty of football fans.
The Sports Loyalty Card (SLC) programme currently has five member clubs Birmingham City, Ipswich Town, Manchester City, Everton and Portsmouth and plans to have 88 English football clubs signed up to the scheme by the start of the new season in August.
The SLC enables football fans to collect points by spending at associated retailers, which can then be traded in for football-related rewards such as match tickets, signed memorabilia and club merchandise. Currently, the SLC can only be used with online retailers such as Tesco and Waitrose Wine Direct, but in April the schemes will be extended to local high street shops.
"Most loyalty schemes are trying to create loyalty in disloyal customers. This one is different as football fans are by definition loyal," said SLC's CEO Gavin Dein.
"Retailers benefit from increased footfall, access to a low cost marketing channel and the ability to track the spending habits of men who are otherwise just anonymous male shoppers."

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