The new logo from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil risks being little more than "a fig leaf for the industry", Caroline Lucas warned this week.

The government needed to enforce the mandatory labelling of products containing palm oil, the UK's first Green Party MP wrote in her blog. "Many RSPO members are reportedly failing to alter the most damaging practices, like large-scale forest clearance and the exploitation of local communities," she said.

The only way to reduce the negative impact of palm oil was to push through "an EU-wide mandatory labelling policy, reducing palm oil's invisibility and allowing consumers to make informed decisions", which would in turn "increase pressure on companies to commit only to certified sustainable oil".

The RSPO logo, the launch of which was revealed by The Grocer last week, is intended to encourage more companies to improve their sourcing policies. Members will be able to show the logo on products if more than 95% of palm-derived ingredients are sourced in compliance with RSPO systems.

The RSPO said it was confident the logo would boost demand for certified sustainable palm oil. "This trademark will play a key role, as does the commitment by a growing number of companies to only use sustainable palm oil by 2015," said president Jan Kees Vis.

Lucas recently wrote to the government, urging it to back an amendment to the EU Food Information Regulations directive enforcing the mandatory labelling of products containing palm oil. It did not back the move.