Future Publishing's PC Format magazine has undergone its biggest redesign in the last 10 years. The new look was based on surveys of thousands of readers via telephone and e-mail. While generally happy with the magazine, the publisher says readers wanted more news and practical advice. PC Format will continue to offer a one-stop shop for PC games, the internet, creativity and hardware. However, the tagline of the magazine has evolved to better reflect this, changing from The PC Entertainment Magazine' to All your PC Needs'. The news and hands-on sections have both been bolstered with extra editorial, and a new 16-page supplement will come free with every issue. Called "Install", this section will help readers get more from their covermounted discs. The company describes the new design as clean and innovative. The new look PC Format went on sale on July 17 and is available with two CD-ROMs or one DVD-ROM. Rrp is £4.99. Distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}