Paragon Publishing is focusing on the booming mobile phone market for its latest launch. The publisher's first mobile phone magazine, Mobile M8, is aimed at teenagers, a market where 84% owns a mobile phone. Paragon described the 68-page monthly title, which goes on sale on July 26,.as "a totally fresh fun approach to the mobile phone market; doing away with the dull business approach of other mobile magazines and injecting colour and chaos into the mix." The celebrity element has not been overlooked either, with the cover of the first issue featuring Angelina Jolie, star of the film Lara Croft ­ Tomb Raider. Each issue will come with a free covermounted gift and will contain information useful to teens thinking of buying a new mobile phone. The first issue offers plenty to draw in readers ­ a sun lounger mobile phone holder is the free covermounted gift and the offer of free ringtones and graphics for every reader is flagged up on the cover, alongside competitions. The cover price is £2.99, distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}