IPC Media is to launch Web User, a new technology title, on March 22. The fortnightly magazine and its complementary website represent the company's first venture into this dynamic market and make up its first simultaneous "media-neutral" launch. Targeting the home web surfer, Web User aims to be the most up-to-date and informative in the internet sector, says the publisher. Designed to unravel the complexities of the web, the new magazine will offer support, advice and information to help readers get the best out of the internet. It is promised that the magazine and website will be jargon-free. The venture will be backed by a £2m launch campaign. Editor Jim Lennox says: "The name Web User sums up what we are all about: giving down-to-earth help and advice to millions of everyday users of the web. We will show them the best websites, help them find the best deals, make sure they don't get ripped off." and give practical advice on using their internet software. "Our fortnightly frequency, unique in this market sector, means we can deliver even more to our readers." {{CTN }}