Handbag.com, the market leading women's web site, says its user numbers exceed the circulation of women's glossy Marie Claire magazine. The announcement comes after the site released its ABC Electronic (ABCE) figures for the period May 1-31, 2001. The audited figures show the number of users has continued to increase and stand at 403,282 unique users a month. This gives Handbag.com a higher ABCE audit than many women's print media ABC circulation figures. Handbag.com continues to be the only women's web site to have its figures audited by ABCE. Dominic Riley, managing director of Handbag.com says: "We maintain that it is vital to have regular audits from the recognised independent body ABCE." Research shows that handbag.com's audience is 97% female, 88% of whom are ABC1. Visitors to the site spend around 30 minutes a month there, spread over three to four visits. This resulted in 7.6 million page impressions throughout May. {{CTN }}