Independent retailers’ representatives fear new attempts may be made to deregulate Sunday trading after a survey found more than two-thirds of big store operators in England and Wales would open for longer on a Sunday if allowed to do so.
The survey, and a recent suggestion by Asda president Tony DeNunzio that he would prefer an extra three hours’ trading time, have raised the profile of the issue. In England and Wales The Sunday Trading Act allows supermarkets and larger stores to open on Sundays for six hours. To mark its tenth anniversary, law firm Bond Pearce surveyed big retailers and found 71% would open for more than six hours if allowed and 57% were in favour of full deregulation.
However, a BRC spokeswoman said members felt current law met demand.
An Asda spokesman said it would prefer to be able to open for longer, but it was not currently lobbying for a change.
The FWD and ACS are opposed to any relaxation of the regulations.