from Malcolm B Wallace, The Bruce-Wallace Agency, Ilkley
Sir; Most customers defect, not for better prices or better quality, but because they are dissatisfied with the level of service.
Twenty years on, and little improvement has been made in the shopping experience.
Stores are bigger, lighter, airconditioned, and they stock just about everything. But, by and large, customers are not made to feel wanted; shopping to the majority is still just a chore; and trolleys still won't go straight.
Ask where to find a product and you will be more likely to be told Aisle 11 than be taken to it in a friendly manner. At the checkout, you will be lucky and have eye contact and a "Hi".
More likely, if it's quiet, your checkout operator, as she scans your purchases, will be discussing some family matter with the operator next door.
If she does in fact speak to you at all, it will be to ask if you have a loyalty card.
If staff made shopping more pleasurable, customers would be loyal without an incentive.