Sir: I read with interest the letter from A Wills headed Bold tactics for coupons please' (Letters, March 23). Your readers may not be aware that the Institute of Sales Promotions has a coupon committee that is reviewing the guidelines for issuing, distributing, redeeming and handling coupons. We hope to publish the new version later this year. The committee draws its members from all interested parties, promoters, door-to-door distributors, retailers, handling houses as well as representatives of the NPA, FDF, FWD and bar code issuers. Its scope includes Euro and electronic coupons. We hope also to address the issue of compliance at every stage of a coupon's life. Coupons are an important, even essential part of a promotional armoury and we hope the committee's work will aid efficiency throughout the coupon chain. If any of your readers wish to input ideas or suggestions they should send them to me at the ISP. Edwin Mutton Director general Institute of Sales Promotions Arena House 66-68 Pentonville Road London N1 9HS {{LETTERS }}