Manufacturers are exceeding the legal requirements for food labelling, two Food Standard Agency surveys have found.

The first survey, which examined clear food labelling on 396 products, found that products had met most recommendations for best practice.

It revealed that 89% of products carried nutritional information and 46% of products containing allergens used specific allergy information or alert panels to carry warnings.

Last week six major food manufacturers revealed that they were launching their own guideline daily amounts labelling scheme. Two manufacturers also launched a similar scheme earlier this month.

The second survey, which examined country of origin labelling on 358 products, found that 69% of all meat and meat products carried country of origin information.

It found that the origin was either displayed in writing, flags, pictures, emblems or references to assurance schemes.

However, the survey recommended that clarification for Chinese, Indian, ethnic European dishes and ‘packed in’ statements was needed.