Nine out of 10 food and drink manufacturers are looking to reduce the cost of their supply chain in the next year, according to a survey shown to The Grocer.

Some 82% of grocery manufacturers said they had cut costs in their supply chain in the past year and 91% aimed to make savings of a similar nature this year, according to a survey of 50 major suppliers by third party logistics provider Culina.

Nearly half the respondents (49%) said savings were necessary because of pressure to reduce price from the big grocers, while one in ten admitted "they need to make efficiencies to ensure survival".

"The tough economic climate for the past two years and continuing uncertainty has put an increasing focus on supply chain efficiencies," said Thomas van Mourik, CEO of Culina Logistics. "There are still cost savings out there to be made."

Of the companies surveyed, 47% had made savings by focusing on 'primary transport', in which the goods are transported from the manufacturer to the warehouse. This was an area 45% of suppliers intended to prioritise next year. Some 23% of companies believed they could reduce the cost of their supply chain by between 11% and 20%.

"We are under pressure from our customers to provide cheaper transport," van Mourik said. "We are doing this by collaborating with the big retailers to reduce empty loads."