Martin McColl has completed its rebranding drive on schedule - and says it is already reaping the benefits of the switch.

All CTNs belonging to the company, previously called TM Retail, have been converted to the Martin's fascia, while all c-stores are now McColl's.

Paul Taylor, general marketing manager for Martin McColl, said the nine-month rebranding programme, concluded last week, had helped reduce confusion among customers and resulted in suppliers becoming more willing to work with the company on promotions.

"Before, we had six different fascias and customers were a bit confused by it. Since we have gone down to just two brands, we've had a number of suppliers contacting us to offer exclusive promotional activity. Last week, for example, we ran a deal with The Sun newspaper for a free DVD in-store.

"We think it's the change-over that has prompted companies to offer us these promotions. The general feeling is that suppliers wouldn't do deals with us before because we had so many brands. We are looking into other possible promotions with suppliers."

Tie-ups with suppliers is a recurring theme in the Martin McColl rebranding drive. The new external fascias incorporate suppliers' logos, such as Stella Artois and The Sun, while there are plans to roll out third-party branding in-store.