Mary Portas, C4 show

Mary Portas gave evidence to a committee of MPs on the progress of her high-street review

High street tsar Mary Portas has attacked her former ally prime minsiter David Cameron, accusing him of failing to prioritise the fight to protect Britain’s ailing retailers.

Portas also claimed ministers had failed to provide enough support for her work, nearly three years since the launch of her high street review.

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The retail guru gave evidence yesterday to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee and said she had been shocked at the extent of criticism directed towards her, after giving her service for free to help.

Portas told MPs on the committee she believed saving the nation’s high streets was “not one of David Cameron’s priorities’’ and admitted she was confused as to what her role should be.

“I don’t know what my role is,” she told MPs.

“I feel like I have done something wrong. I wish I had had my hand held through this… when I was getting stick from the press, I could have used more support from the government.”

The Portas Pilots and town-centre teams have come under criticism for their work.

Yesterday, Bill Grimsey announced details of his own independent review of the high street, proposing that big chains should fund its revival through a one-off levy.