A 175g pack followed an initial four-sweet trial size, and a 300g seasonal pack was introduced for Christmas. Press and TV ads picked up on the brand's tropical escape' theme. Sales Information Resources puts the product's sales across all grocery and impulse outlets at £6.68m in the year ending December 30, 2001. It classifies Calapuno as an informal treat' in the boxed chocolates category, and values this sector at £102m. The company says... "Bounty Calapuno proved to be a huge success in the first few weeks following the launch. It was the highest selling treats brand in March 2001, outselling the Ferrero Rocher 200g pack during Easter, as well as achieving the highest share in the treats category for Mother's Day in multiple grocers." A consumer's view "I was given a Bounty Calapuno Easter Egg and loved it. If I weren't always on a diet, I'd eat them all the time." Sue Barnett, secretary, Abergavenny. {{P&P }}