Sir; First we had a Rural Task Force, then Lord Haskins was given the job of sorting out the countryside, and now we have no fewer than three inquiries to look into all aspects of the foot and mouth disease tragedy. Has Tony Blair gone mad? This frenzy of activity from the direction of Number 10 certainly seems to suggest there's an element of panic in that distinguished building in Central London But, like many in the food industry, I am at least glad that the food and farming commission includes a balanced bunch of individuals who will give the issue the sensible and detailed assessment it needs. After some of the government soundbites and inane utterances from the various lobby groups during recent weeks, I have become fazed by all the rhetoric. The truth is, a lot of people have interests in seeing that there is a fair and balanced inquiry into the FMD crisis, not just the hard pressed farmers. Consumer interests must also be at the forefront and they are clearly in the capable hands of the NCC's Deirdre Hutton. But the Commission should also have the efficiency of the food chain at heart when weighing up the lessons to be learned from this terrible tragedy. That's going to be one hell of a job! J Hardisty Cheltenham {{LETTERS }}