Sir, I read with interest how the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme league tables, due to be published annually from 2011, will provide yet another opportunity to intensify retailer rivalry ('Carbon Footsie', 25 September).

Retailers should look to their property portfolio and logistics operations for some of the greatest opportunities to streamline carbon consumption and maximise league table performance.

Gazeley now integrates CRC cost saving calculations into all customer proposals, ensuring our clients, are aware of the implications from the very outset. In a recent proposal for a grocery retailer, environmental technologies saved 17.24 million kg of CO2 per annum, ­resulting in cost savings of £25,941 pa in carbon allowances.

The use of automated meters, which optimise energy usage, and occupancy detection technology, which controls the mechanical and electrical systems when space is not being used, result in the biggest savings in CRC terms.

Retailers would be well advised to assess CRC mitigation initiatives for existing portfolios.

Jonathan Fenton-Jones, director of sustainability and global procurement, Gazeley UK