Jim McLaren has taken over as president of NFU Scotland and is promising to get tougher on retailers and processors.

The mixed farmer from Crieff in Perthshire has taken over from John Kinnaird and will hold office for two years.

McLaren said his key priorities were to improve the prices Scottish farmers got for their produce and to slash red tape. "I want to take a simple message to the supply chain: we can deliver for you, but you need to deliver for us," he said. "For too long, we've had contracts which aren't worth the paper they're written on. Supply chain commitments and benefits must be two-way."

He also called on producers and processors to do more to add value to milk.

Raising the NFUS membership is another aim for McLaren. At present, just 50% of Scottish farmers are members.

Two new vice-presidents have also been appointed. Nigel Miller runs a beef and sheep farm in the Borders and Stewart Wood is a beef producer in Orkney.