from Steve Parfett, managing director, AG Parfett & Sons

Sir; Am I the only reader to sense a connection between the lack of innovation and brand development bemoaned in your editorial (‘NPD and the holy widget’, December 4, p24) and your piece about the Tesco copy of Walkers Sensations (‘Tesco builds me-too range’, p65)?
While Julian Hunt rightly flags up the dearth of exciting new products on the market, as the other article highlights, it is an inescapable fact that any successful innovation will be copied by multiples’ own brands.
Even large suppliers are now so much in hock to the buying power of the multiples they dare not rock the boat.The monopoly identified by the Competition Commission in 2000, shamefully is still alive and kicking. Tesco
the altruistic friend of consumer, brand owner and small shop owner? Do me a favour! What will it take for the world to wake up to the dangers posed by the unchallenged steamroller of multiple power in the UK?