Agriculture minister Nick Brown and retiring MLC chairman Don Curry this week both repeated their unequivocal commitment to the British pig industry's controversial £4.5m generic advertising campaign which broke on May 11. The first two ads have been the subject of a number of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, which has yet to publish its verdict on the confrontational advertising. Speaking at the National Pig Awards breakfast in London on Wednesday, Brown described the whole campaign as "right but controversial". Curry added: "It was right to build an image for British pigmeat that focuses on welfare issues. The message received by consumers is a positive one." Curry added that the British Meat Quality Standard Marks for pork and bacon were unlikely to give way to the little red tractor logo for the foreseeable future. This was because the pork and bacon Quality Standard Marks had been planned, budgeted and launched before the British Farm Standard Mark had appeared. {{NEWS }}