Exclusive Karen Dempsey Indian food brand Patak's is extending beyond ambient and frozen with its first move into the chiller cabinet. Its new concept is a three strong range of ready meals pitched as being a ready to cook range of restaurant quality Indian meals'. The 1kg Patak's Restaurant Menu for Two packs contain all the ingredients consumers need to cook up an Indian meal for two people in 10 minutes. This includes chicken, vegetables, sauce, microwaveable rice and ghee with spices. The idea is to make consumers feel that they are cooking an Indian meal from scratch. It comes in three variants: Jaipuri Chicken Jalfrezi, Kashmiri Chicken Saag and Moghlai Chicken Tikka Masala and retails at £5.99. It will be available exclusively from Sainsbury's for 12 months from February 5. Patak's recommends merchandising the new range beside chilled chicken. For the first time Meena Patak ­ who is behind the brand's new product development ­ appears on the packaging. Patak's director of sales and marketing Alison Cannon said this was to reinforce the product's authenticity. And the method of preparation was meant to replicate "the sizzle and theatre" of Indian restaurants. She added: "Patak's is already synonymous with quality and authenticity in ambient and frozen and we're confident our strong brand heritage will guarantee incremental sales in the dynamic chilled sector. "We believe there is a real opportunity for a branded product to add perceived value in the eyes of the consumer to the chilled cabinet." {{P&P }}