Top-selling US candy brand Mike and Ike has made a big impact in the UK since its recent launch and it has teamed up with these deliciously fruity, fat-free sweets to offer readers a tasty prize.

The winner will receive a super Dolby digital portable DVD player with 7-inch widescreen LCD screen, plus a bumper selection of Mike and Ike fruit-flavoured fat-free candies. Four runners-up will win lots of Mike and Ike candies, which come in mouthwatering Fabulous Fruits, Berry Blast and Tropical Typhoon varieties, all bursting with fruit juice flavours.

Available from D&D Snack Foods and leading cash and carries, Mike and Ike come in colourful 55g impulse bags and made-for-sharing family bags. Mike and Ike chewy fruit-flavoured candies first appeared in the US back in 1940. These American idols have regularly been featured in films and TV shows, and celebrity fans include Will Smith and Steven Spielberg. Today, Mike and Ike candies are sold in more than 50 countries.

For your chance to win the main prize, or one of the four runner-up prizes, fill in the coupon on the right and send it off.