Kinnerton Confectionery has released details of its latest Easter collection, claiming to have something for youngsters of all ages.The confectioner's spring and Easter range of treats once again features a host of favourite children's characters. And popular TV game Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' is one of the star offerings with a £2.99 egg, which includes question and answer cards, based on the show. Young romantics are catered for with a Love Hearts Easter Egg, covered with the famous Love Hearts messages enjoyed by teenagers for generations (£2.99). Playtime-cum-Easter egg combinations are also a feature of the range including Tweenies Play-Doh & Egg, Bob the Builder Toy & Egg, and character Breakfast Sets featuring new characters Angelina Ballerina and Merlin the Magical Puppy (rsps: £3.99-£4.99). At the cheaper end of the range, Kinnerton has come up with 59p chocolate Egglets, while 99p eggs are based on eight different characters including Bob the Builder, Tweenies, Thomas & Friends, Bill & Ben and Barbie. These each contain fruit flavoured jelly sweets and on-pack cut-outs. Character egg cups (£1.29) and Easter buckets (£2.99) help complete the range. {{P&P }}