Retailers and suppliers are wasting hours resolving invoicing disputes caused by poor quality, inaccurate, or unaligned data, according to young managers polled for this week’s reader panel.
More than two thirds (69%) of IGD’s Leading Edge membership admitted data errors and inaccuracies caused invoicing queries and supply chain glitches as goods were wrongly refused at distribution centres and orders and deliveries failed to match. Hours were also spent manually loading, checking and re-keying data into back office systems because suppliers’ and retailers’ systems didn’t talk to each other.
One member said: “Because there are so many different systems, there is no standard format and electronic download is not very easy. The data systems in the business are only as good as the quality of information that is initially entered into them. I have used various systems in different companies and found the most efficient were where disciplines were laid out at the start and stringently adhered to.”