Sir; The MLC pigmeat ad may or may not have been "legal, decent, honest and truthful". What is certain is that it was a bad ad. Anyone who speed-reads ads in two tenths of a second can take in no more than the pic and the headline: this ad thus reduces to a bunch of piggies and the strapline After she's fed them, she could be fed to them'. I had always assumed that the ad was by the Animal-Rights/Vegetarian Front lobby ­ until it started being re-featured because of the ASA furore. Even if you do happen to take in the MLC logo as well, it just gets worse. You are left with the impression that it is British pig farmers who are feeding pigs to pigs... The ad is bad because it breaks one of the fundamental rules of advertising: no matter how little of the message is actually perceived, that perception must be positive and correctly linked to the brand. The best example of how to do it properly dates from the early '80s: the perfectly-grilled Wall's pork sausage on a fork, straplined Porky and Best' ­ probably the finest British meat product ad. Ever. Chris Drew Peasmarsh, E.Sussex {{LETTERS }}