Bansback defends exports Exports are back as the glamorous objective of meat marketing executives in several of the major organisations funded by taxpayers and producers, after most overseas sales were halted for a year by foot and mouth. The new burst of effort to win foreign customers is sure to prompt criticism from retailers and processors who see this as likely to drive up their raw material costs. MLC strategy director Bob Bansback acknowledged this when briefing British journalists at the Alimentaria exhibition in Barcelona on Monday. "Some people say that because our meat production is lower than historical levels we should concentrate on the home market, but that's not MLC's view," said Bansback. "Our industry gets higher prices for some cuts from exports than it would ever get from the home market." Bansback put forward his argument: exports can yield exceptional marginal returns while broadening the range of outlets for carcase components. If these benefits are managed carefully the producers' and processors' overall efficiency can be improved and reductions in average costs passed on to domestic market purchasers. The most often cited example is the development of Continental demand for light lambs for which demand has traditionally been weak in the UK. The new revenue is said to strengthen the industry as a supplier of heavier carcases to UK buiyers. {{MEAT }}