does self-fill Cashpoint supplier Moneybox has entered the retailer-fill' market in the UK ­ previously the exclusive domain of American Hanco. Moneybox CEO Paul Stanley said: "We have about 200 self-fill machines so far, and we will be getting numbers up in the coming months to more than 1,000. "We have a very good relationship with Hanco, and there is room for both of us." Moneybox has celebrated its first month in which more than one million transactions were made, and processed £46m through its UK network in October,. Stanley said those volumes let Moneybox retain its position as "the biggest cashpoint provider in the UK", with 70% of its business in the independent retail sector . And it has recently introduced a cash incentive scheme for its UK retailers. Some 316 Moneybox sites have signed up to the company's Moneybox Football League, which awards cash prizes of up to £250 to monthly winners and end-of-season prizes of up to £10,000. Moneybox launched in the Netherlands this week with plans to set up a network of 750 machines by 2003. The company is preparing for an onslaught on Europe with Germany and Ireland its next two key targets. {{NEWS }}