The popularity of online shopping has led to an increase in the number of light vans on Britain’s roads, government figures have revealed.
Figures from the Department for Transport’s quarterly traffic report found that the number of light vans under 3,500kg on GB roads in the fourth quarter of 2005 increased by 5%.
In contrast, the number of goods vehicles over 3,500kg during the same period decreased by 2%.
Geoff Dossetter, external affairs director for the Freight Transport Association, said that the increase in light van traffic was due to a shift in the way that goods were being distributed because of the demand for home shopping.
“Home deliveries and internet shopping are becoming more and more popular, and as more people purchase their shopping on the internet, shops are having to increase their home deliveries,” he said.
He added that the number of goods vehicles had decreased because of a slowdown in the UK’s economy and rising fuel prices.
“Fuel costs are a big issue. Freight companies must be able to pass on the increases as they shouldn’t have to shoulder the cost themselves,” he said.