Food and drink firms are having to be more creative to attract and retain good staff while offering them a better work/life balance.
In a climate where salaries are only rising at the rate of inflation, both manufacturers and retailers admit employees are not just after big pay packets but want flexible hours, personal development programmes and bespoke training.
Masterfoods resourcing manager Margot King said job seekers were keen on taking responsibility and making a difference. "We haven't been increasing salaries significantly but we find other areas are more important to people." The company has a team looking at work/life balance and is helping some staff work from home.
The Co-operative Group prides itself on flexible working hours and has restrictions on early and late meetings at head office.
Pay has been fairly static. Fmcg sales staff have had 2-3% rises, with only NAMs getting a more substantial 4-7%, while retail staff can only expect an average salary rise of 2.9% this year ­ a fall from an increase of 3.1% last year.
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