A Labour MP is set to introduce a bill calling for tighter measures on alcohol promotions and a ban on deep discounting in an effort to combat binge drinking.

Sally Keeble, MP for Northampton North, plans to launch the Bill on Tuesday under the 10-minute rule.

The Alcohol Sales (Regulation of Prices and Promotions) Bill will call for alcohol to be sold in specific, clearly signed areas of stores, as well as clearer labelling on alcoholic drinks and the formation of an industry-wide council to oversee promotions.

Keeble has the backing of 11 other MPs, as well as Alcohol Concern, the National Association of Headteachers, the British Medical Council and the Police Federation. A separate Early Day Motion, tabled by Keeble this week, had the support of nine MPs as The Grocer went to press.

"Most of us enjoy having a drink with friends and all of us will have gone over the limit at some stage, but this bill aims at cutting the human toll of regular week-in, week-out binge drinking," Keeble said. "It sets out some improvements that could prevent the worst of the abuses by setting clearer limits on the sale of alcohol."