Political pressure is increasing from MPs who fear rises in levels of sugar and salt in processed food pose long-term health risks for the population.
With the number of diabetics set to double by 2010 according to reports, Tory MP David Tredinnick has tabled a string of parliamentary motions and won cross-party support. He said sugar consumption in Britain was 16 times higher than a century ago, largely due to processed food, and one in 10 Britons had impaired glucose tolerance, a pre-diabetes indicator.
Meanwhile the salt content of food, particularly that aimed at children, is also under scrutiny.
Some 80% of salt intake comes from processed food and is seen as a major factor in heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.
Last month junior health minister Hazel Blears assured MPs the government remained committed to improving diets, including salt, fat and sugar in food. She said the FSA was negotiating with suppliers to reduce salt levels where they were beyond technical, safety and palatability needs.

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