The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to scupper the implementation of the licensing act before it comes into force on November 24.
The party believes a delay in the implementation is critical so serious issues such as binge drinking and antisocial behaviour can be addressed.
Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, who has been particularly vocal about his objection to the act, said: “It is simply ludicrous. By increasing the availability of alcohol before enforcing existing legislation, the government is in danger of escalating rather than reducing the problems of disorder.”
The party will vote against the proposed date for the implementation of the act, when the government reintroduces the issue to parliament on October 11, and is hoping for support from the Conservatives and Labour backbenchers.
Foster expressed his confidence that a negative vote could see the government defeated. “We want to end all the uncertainty that has been stirred up by this act which is so fundamentally flawed.”