Burton's Biscuits is throwing its weight behind three flagship brands with its biggest ever marketing spend, worth £11m this year. Burton's three leading brands, Jammie Dodgers, Wagon Wheels and Viscount, will be supported with multi-million pound advertising campaigns. The campaigns kick off in February with Viscount's first TV ad in eight years. The £3m push promotes the 30 year old brand's first line extension. The Minty Cool bar targets the dynamic lunchbox and snacking markets. The demand for "snackable" products, particularly for school lunchboxes, is driving growth across a number of grocery sectors. Burton's flagship Jammie Dodgers and second biggest brand Wagon Wheels will be on television from March through to May. Jammie Dodgers will also be supported by a cinema campaign. All three brands will also receive direct marketing and promotional support. Marketing director Paul Chmielewski described the £11m thrust as increasing already high awareness of Burton's core products. {{P&P }}