February has been an upbeat month for news stand magazine retail sales value, according to the June issue of Seymour's Monthly Monitor. WH Smith and Menzies Distribution each recorded a four-week month when the estimated national rsv for regular frequency magazines was £132m compared with £124m for the last comparative month. The three-month moving average rose from £133.5m in January to £136m for February. In terms of volume sales, February was the best four-week month since March last year at 94.5 million. The average weighted coverprice for February 2002 continues to remain high at £1.40. Seymour said the multiples were continuing to increase their market share, accounting for 25.2% of rsv compared with 23.8% last year. Sainsbury and Asda have made the biggest gains over the year with 0.5% and 0.4% respectively. Looking back to 1999, Seymour said Tesco had increased its share from 7.5% (April-June 99) to more than 9.5% (Dec-Feb 02). The only multiple which failed to lift its rsv share of magazines over the same period was Somerfield which remained static. The independents' share slipped from nearly 41% to just under 36% in the same period. {{CTN }}