A retail regulator should be appointed to stop supermarkets amassing large profits at the expense of farmers, the Liberal Democrats are urging. They also want councils to use planning powers to encourage local farmer markets. Country of origin labelling should be vigorously enforced and the high welfare and hygiene standards of British meat promoted. Colin Breed, Liberal Democrat rural affairs spokesman, said: "Supermarket dominance is damaging British farmers and destroying the traditional markets. "Farmers should be supported in getting a fair price for their produce." As part of his party's Roots to Recovery rural policy, he warned all EU countries should treat European directives in the same way. He stressed the UK "gold-plated" many directives while other countries interpreted them to suit their needs. The rural document also states that: - Regulation hampering agriculture must be cut - Farmers should not have to bear the cost of regulation ­ this should be recovered in the market or from the taxpayer - Organic farming, integrated crop management and energy crops should be encouraged - Farmers should be rewarded, rather than just compensated, when they take on environmental and social roles in protecting the countryside. The Liberal Democrats also want a five-year moratorium on commercial growing of genetically modified crops while their safety and benefits are investigated. They are also calling for changes to pension and benefits payments to be postponed until the future of the post office network has been secured. {{NEWS }}