Premium online retailer The Food Ferry Co has been forced out of the industry that it helped to pioneer more than 15 years ago.
The London business, set up in 1990, has gone into administration, having lost too much business to the big supermarkets.
James Millar, co-founder and former chief executive, said that it had simply not been able to compete with the supermarket services and online specialist Ocado. Millar explained: “The company became increasingly marginalised after 2000 by the roll-out of the supermarket monopolies, whose purchasing powers, pricing policies and ability to reach huge numbers rapidly took over the marketplace.”
Millar also cited the costs of running a business in the capital as a factor in its demise. He said: “The Congestion Charge and recent local authority parking and loading regimes made operating and deliveries immensely burdensome in terms of both cost and administration.”
Online organic delivery provider Swaddles Green has already bought part of The Food Ferry’s business.