The multiples are beginning to increase their halal meat offer and see it as a significant opportunity to grow sales, according to suppliers.

As well as offering a broader range of products, they are introducing new signage in-store. Asda is planning to put separate halal meat counters in some stores to tap the growing demand from Muslims.

One supplier, Abraham Natural Produce, is now producing organic halal meat to cater for more affluent Muslim consumers.

"I believe the halal market in the UK will grow at 15% per annum for the next four or five years," said Naved Syed, the chairman of the UK Halal Corporation, who also owns halal meat pie business Asli Halal.

"The UK is the home to Europe's highest-spending Muslim community, a market worth £800m, with an estimated population of 1.8 million.

"We would love T-bone steak but can't get it. If they make sure it is halal meat, they will get phenomenal business."