Music and the internet are converging like never before. There are music magazines and Internet magazines ­ but, until now, no publication that caters for people interested in both. MPX3 claims to be the first magazine to cover all the latest music news both on the net and on the stage. The launch issue of MP3X, a £3.50 monthly magazine produced by IT Publishing, will go on sale October 12. Covers will feature the most recognisable faces from the music world. And whoever appears on the front cover will share the page with MP3X's covermounted CD MP3Xtra, which will be crammed with the best music, Internet links and multimedia applications, according to the publisher. The magazine will carry the latest music news and gossip from around the world, interviews with the big names in the music world, covering everything from their latest album to how they use the Net. In addition the magazine will go backstage at gigs ­ both online and offline. The newcomer will be distributed by Comag. {{CTN }}