What&'s your favourite ­restaurant? J Sheekey - great seafood and you can have a craic with the waiter.
Do you prefer healthy food or junk food? Healthy food.
Have you ever sent back or complained about a meal? The most memorable was a trout in Ludlow. It was so high I was nearly sick at the smell. I complained very strongly!
What would you request as your final meal? Langoustines, a rare fillet with green beans, some fantastic cheese.
What&'s your favourite ­tipple? Deuchars IPA, Laurent Perrier Rosé, crisp dry whites, and Good Rhone reds.
What would you rescue from your house if it was burning? My family.
What car do you drive? I rarely drive. A Volvo XC90 is the family vehicle.
What are you reading at the moment? An American book about the bad things that exist in their fast food industry. What gadgets do you carry around with you? Phone, iPAQ - often laptop too
What was the last film you went to see at the cinema? &'The Curse of the Were-Rabbit&' with the boys - it was great.
What are your pet hates? Travel delays, red tape and cask ale pubs that take off the best beers to clear the ones that are not selling!
If England doesn&'t win the World Cup, who will? Brazil must be in with a chance.
What&'s your motto for life? Enjoy life. Every morning you wake up is a bonus.