Marie, 49, Orpington

"I have never owned a freezer and cannot see the point." Nick, 57, London

"I tend to make my own by making extra and freezing it." Pam, 62, Macclesfield

"Ready meals are unhealthy ­ look at the salt content." Vicky, 31, Nottingham

"Frozen meals negate the very reason for ready meals because you have to defrost and then heat." Christopher, 58, London

"I wish the portions were larger ­ Weight Watchers are quite filling, though, and some of them are quite tasty."
Sara, 31, Wolverhampton

"I have a family so tend to make something for everybody. Ready meals are more for couples and single people."
Stella, 38, Market Harborough.

"I'd rather cook from fresh. Why do people want frozen when you can stir-fry?" Margaret, 57, Macclesfield