Sir; did certainly launch to a fanfare last week ('Is new e-tail site all it's cracked up to be?', The Grocer, 21 October, p31). Based on the feedback we have had from customers across the UK, we can only assume that this reflected a general recognition of the usefulness of a tool that allows shoppers to find the best grocery buys available from one site.

These are early days and no site can expect to launch flawlessly and answer every possible question on day one.

We are well aware there are a number of improvements to be made in these crucial first few weeks, but we draw most comfort from the fact we have been welcomed by consumers, suppliers and supermarkets, indicating that everyone recognises the ­potential value of what we are offering.

We do see many opportunities to monetise our business, from consumer-focused advertising to charging for added-value premium content. But as with most internet businesses, what is critical is that we rapidly acquire a loyal customer base.

Once this is done - and the huge number of sign-ups in the past week has taken us by surprise - we expect to become profitable and take our business model into new ­areas.