A MySupermarket promo that allows brands to target which customers are offered cashback for buying their products has seen sales uplifts into quadruple digits.

Goodfella’s, which offered £1 back for every £2 Delicia pizza bought through the site, saw sales though MySupermarket rocket 4,404%. Walkers crisps saw sales double on more than 10 lines with four SKUs up by 400%.

Shoppers receive the cashback in their PayPal accounts after clicking through to a supermarket’s site and ordering their shopping online.

“We always thought the concept was great because customers like having something where there isn’t a catch, but the response has been more spectacular than we expected,” said business development VP James Foord. “You’ve got brands thinking ‘I’m giving this straight to the customer’ rather than having to heavily discount a product to the retailer. We can give the brand a lot of control.”

MySupermarket is now working on plans to offer cashback across every category as part of a Christmas special named The Ultimate Winter Cashback Shelf.