Branding a food or drink ‘natural’ was the most popular way of marketing in 2008, according to Mintel.  

The trend was most apparent in the UK, where 36% of new products carried the claim compared with 23% globally.   

In comparison, only 5% of new food and drink was labelled either ‘ethical’ or ‘environmental’.  

“With economic struggles driving people toward a simpler way of life, we expect food and drink manufacturers will continue to prize natural, wholesome benefits well into 2009”, said David Jago, product expert at Mintel, which provided the analysis.  

Claims such as ‘low-fat’, ‘reduced sugar’ and ‘added vitamins’ also fell, with vitamins falling most at 20%.

Terms such as, ‘all natural’, ‘no additive or preservatives’, ‘organic’ and ‘wholegrain’, were all included in the ‘natural’ classification of the database.