Nature's Yard is looking for adult brand licencees after its debut with bottled spring water for babies six weeks ago . The brand was launched on the back of babyware brand Tough N Tumble to provide a bottled water product for toddlers. The Nature's Yard sub brand was conceived by Cardiff based agency V&A Marketing. Marketing director Adrian Llewellyn Jones said: "When we launched the spring water we realised we could extend the brand into the adult food arena. "We want it associated with good quality wholesome products, but not necessarily organic ones." V&A Marketing in now in early rounds of talks with premium cereal, dairy and olive oil manufacturers in a bid to add adult foods to its roster. The baby spring water is the only springwater on the market pitched at toddlers. It comes in still, and sparkling strawberry, orange, banana and apple flavours (39p for 250ml). {{P&P }}